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We're glad to announce the International Premiere of LEPANTO - ÚLTIMO CANGACEIRO at historic Babylon Kino at Rosa Luxembourg Strasse n. 30 in Berlin.
Wann 16.10.2017
von 19:30 bis 22:00
Wo Berlin
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Lepanto - Ultimo Cangaceiro is a story of friendship and love. An ode to the human condition, to every man and woman searching their place in a world under invasion.
The Olympics are arriving. The Football World Cup is already there. An alien invasion devouring the central and suburban spaces of the city, taking every tiny bit of land in the name of progress.
Meanwhile, in the medieval Bologna the resistance blossoms.
Two friends, from two different european cultures, try to create a film, a political tool to tear down the strong walls of this invisible windmill. Only if everyone could see what they see.
They are in risk of losing contact with everyday life. A tale of obsession and dream.

Veranstaltungsort: Babylon Kino, Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 30, Berlin


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