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From grieving to fighting – the countdown

Die brasilianische Organisation CESE, die sich für die Verteidigung der Rechte der Zivilgesellschaft einsetzt, hat die folgende Stellungnahme zur Politik der aktuellen Übergangsregierung vor dem Hintergrund der bevorstehenden Entscheidung im Amtsenthebungsverfahren gegen Dilma Rousseff und verschleiernder Party-Atmosphäre der Olympiade verfasst. [auf Englisch]
From grieving to fighting – the countdown

We are experiencing a tortuous interregnum of uncertainty, as we approach the definitive judgement about the impeachment imposed on elected president Dilma Rousseff.

Quite apart from the absurdly inappropriate measures taken by a corrupt interim government, in the expectation that, with so many changes, its takeover of power is irreversible, our indignation also arises from the progressive dismantling of social policies, as seen in the opening up of the ‘bag of goodies’ with which Michel Temer and his collaborators seek to sweeten those in strategic posts and departments.  Given how close we are to the judgement and to municipal elections, the government is, in the short term, throwing out what the economic elite expects from ‘austerity’, making adjustments and credit squeezes which violate the rights of the Brazilian people.  This is neoliberalism and populism at war.

On the side of the resistance fronts that have already positioned themselves against the coup, More Rights, More Democracy, is the response from groups, social networks and ecumenical movements, with support from international cooperation agencies, recently articulated at the launch of a campaign of indeterminate length.  CESE is extremely concerned about the worsening of violence perpetrated against traditional peoples and communities and those in urban peripheral neighbourhoods, made momentarily invisible by the party atmosphere of the Olympic Games under an apparently military apparatus.

A time for reflection, vigilance and resistance in defence of the Rule of Law and liberties.  We will follow every step of the Dilma Rousseff judgment in the hope that it restores what was illegitimately usurped and holds the promised referendum on the future of her mandate, resetting the course for the benefit of the majority.