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Stop coal funding in Brazil

Avaaz-Petition an Michel Temer zur Verhinderung eines neuen Gesetzes, dass die Aufstockung der Nutzung von Kohlekraftwerken vorsieht.
Stop coal funding in Brazil


It's unbelievable! Just days before the Paris Climate Agreement enters into force, Brazil could pass a law which ramps up its use of dirty coal power plants. But we can stop this!

President Temer’s new government faces a lot of challenges in Brazil. He’s already said yes to the Paris Agreement, and he’s keen to look good abroad, and vetoing this disastrous new law would allow him to do so.

The law is on Temer’s table now, let’s show him the world is watching what signal he sends the world about climate change. Sign now to ask him to kill the dirty coal bill, and then share with everyone!

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